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Last week I had my last ultrasound, and everything looked great!! The big worry with gestational diabetes is that the baby could be too big, which could lead to complications like a dislocated shoulder or an emergency C-section, but his weight was absolutely perfect. She also checked his organs, his position, placement of the umbilical cord, etc, and everything seems to be exactly the way it should be, which I am so so happy about. Also lolol she got his femur on the screen and measured it and said, "Hmm, are you both a little on the short side?" so I guess Lentl is going to be a shortie like me. :D

I'm taking a two-week break from school (more if I need to, but at least two weeks), so Wednesday was my last day lugging a whole almost-baby around my massive campus.

Tomorrow is my last NST (a thing where I go to the clinic and they monitor Lentl's heartbeart for twenty minutes to make sure he's doing okay, which he always is).

And this morning was my last doctor's appointment. I've been having mild contractions on and off, which is normal, so the doctor checked to see if I'm dilated -- which, by the way, is EXTREMELY FUCKING PAINFUL -- and it turns out I'm already at 2 cm. That doesn't mean I'm about to go into labor or anything, it just means my body is starting to get ready, but it also means that when I go in on Monday to be induced, it'll probably go pretty smoothly since the whole process is already partially underway. I am very very relieved to hear this because inductions can take as long as two days and I'm not super excited about that possibility, so the shorter the better!! Also good news: last doctor's appointment means I'm officially done logging my blood sugar. THANK SPARKLE. I still have to stick to my diet and keep taking my nightly insulin until the baby is actually born, of course, but I'm done checking my blood ten million times a day and writing everything down. THANK. SPARKLE. Also, hilariously, I weigh the exact amount I weighed nine months ago when I went to take my pregnancy test.

The last thing the doctor told me was that my delivery room is going to be my room so I should feel free to bring whatever I want to make it comfortable........ so I thought about it and then went on Amazon and bought a replica of Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal dlfhlkdjfdf. Look, your friend kinoface is a real winner okay guys.

We still have a lot to do and not very much time to do it, but emotionally I feel ready. People keep saying things like "I bet you can't wait to not be pregnant anymore" and that's not exactly right; other than the gestational diabetes this pregnancy has actually been pretty easy, and there's really nothing quite as amazing as feeling him move around and hiccup and literally be connected to me, so it's not that I'm super eager to be done with this. I just can't wait to meet this little person and see what he looks like and watch him grow up and develop his own personality and be my little buddy (and also Odin's little buddy, and if it turns out he's allergic to dogs I will throw myself into a volcano, it's the only logical response).

Also sandwiches.

I can't wait to be able to eat sandwiches again.

Four more days!!!!!
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omg so excitinggg!!! :D all the best!! ♡ idk why but i'm just like super happy for you! :D! So glad that everything sounds like it's going smoothly! ^_^ sending hugs and sparkles!
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How did I not know you are on dw? I have made you my friend immediately of course.
And more importantly how did it get to only be four days away before the grand arrival? *runs around in panicking circle flailing*
I hope everything goes well and that the first meal they serve you consists of a vast selection of awesome sandwiches.
Sandwiches = life 💗
But you are planning on only taking 2 weeks off?! Wow. You are a super hero.
I will now sit here and excitedly wait for news. *hugs*
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I wish you the best on your delivery! You know, being pregnant is a wonderful feeling, having your baby in your arms for the first time would be another completely awesome feeling too. Please enjoy it ❤️
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[personal profile] berrybuttboy 2017-09-22 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Uwaaah congrats for coming this far! I wish all the best, hopefully everything goes well <3
Ohh and Sandwiches!! All the sandwiches for Kino, you deserve it! What kind of sandwich you want first? I would make you some if I weren't so far away ^_~
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This made me really happy - it's good to know you're in a good place right now! Can't wait to hear all about your son when he arrives, and the first sandwich you eat too ;D