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Been going through A Time. My second-to-last trip to campus this semester was early last week and since then I feel like I've been floating in an abyss. Barely managed to finish my last paper on time, and now I have to study for an exam tomorrow (my last trip to campus, also my last final, which means after this I'll be done) but I just ... don't care ........... It's like I've been having a competition with myself to see how much time I can spend sleeping or just lying in bed doing nothing. I was awake for one, maybe two hours of daylight today.


Right now my immediate to-do list includes showering, feeding myself, and studying, but instead I am going to do the end-of-year fic round-up because at this point I'm pretty sure I won't be writing anything else before 2017. LET'S BEGIN.

Stroke the Right Nerve (Juntoshi - 2,244)
Morning Light (Juntoshi - 1,772)
Airborne (Juntoshi - 6,870)
for nino_exchange: Shadows in Slow Motion (Matsumiya - 29,503)
Show and Tell (Sakumoto - 1,399)
for arashi_exchange: Talk Dirty to Me (Modelpair - 2,368)
for kitto_slutparty: Start with a Kiss (Sho/everyone - 7,491)

Not counting Whale's Tooth (Final Fantasy XII - 2,408) which I wrote years ago and then revamped and posted to AO3 in April.

→ So that's seven fics with a combined total of 51,597 words. That's just a little under last year's total (eight fics with 52k), which is actually a lot more than I was expecting. I've been feeling like I wrote barely anything, but it helps that the longest fic I wrote this year was the longest fic I've ever written and is more than twice as long as the fic that previously held that title.

→ Almost all canon with only two AU fics, whereas last year was about half and half.

→ No pinch hits this year (none needed, good job fellow NinoEx participants, we are all winners!!) which is probably for the best because I barely finished my last two exchange fics on time and I'm not really that happy with the finished product. (I almost didn't even post them to AO3 but finally figured "oh what the hell.") I signed up kind of on a whim, thinking it would be a good way to stay connected to fandom while I was in school, but this semester ended up being way more intense than I thought it would and I had some Regrets™. I'm still hoping to do NinoEx next year, because my course load won't be as intense (I'll be taking one lit class vs. three) and also because NinoEx fics won't be due until a few weeks after finals, so at the very least I'll have that time to write... but we'll see.

→ All of these fics involve Jun as the main or endgame pairing, which is not at all surprising. Last year half of my fics didn't even feature Jun and I was weirdly proud of that (like... proof that I can write more than just the things I want to write all for myself??) but I'm pleased with this year's Junfest.

→ Favorite fic: Shadows in Slow Motion, hands down. Longest fic ever and I had a lot of fun writing it, and it was extremely well-received for which I am so, so grateful. It's not perfect by any means, and if I'd had more time (by which I really mean "if I'd started earlier") it would probably be a few thousand words longer, but I'm happy with what I accomplished. (This is also part of the reason I almost didn't post those final exchange fics; I kept thinking "NO, I WANT THIS MATSUMIYA EPIC TO BE AT THE TOP OF MY AO3 PAGE FOREVER.") Runners-up: Stroke the Right Nerve and Morning Light, because JUNTOSHI.

→ Last year's goals: "Actually write Sakuraiba! Actually write Juntoshi! Write all ten pairings. Write at least three fics that are just things I want to write, not for an exchange or meme." I did not actually write Sakuraiba (because by "actually" I mean "by itself, not as a Sho/everyone or Aiba/everyone fic," which is the only way I've ever written it), but I did write a ton of Juntoshi. Congratulations, self, for adding three new Juntoshi fics to the world! I got nowhere near writing all ten pairings, but I did write three/four fics that were just for me. Airborne was technically for a meme but it was also an excuse to write nearly 7,000 words of Juntoshi kink/aftercare with Jun as a needy sub, soooo it was basically for me.

→ Writing goals for 2017: Just write something. Think realistically about exchanges and don't sign up for them if completing them on time will be nearly impossible (for external reasons unrelated to my own tendency to procrastinate). At least continue to work on the three potential masterpieces sitting in my WIP folder (dragon Jun, some hardcore Matsumiya kink, and the Fallout AU, all of which I have thousands and thousands of words of notes for) even if I don't finish any of them. Don't let them rot, self. Don't do to them what you did to Dreamhookers.

If anyone is interested, feel free to 1) ask questions about, 2) request some DVD-style commentary of, or 3) request a drabble-sized remix or timestamp from any of this year's fics (or those three big fics in my WIP folder!).


Dec. 31st, 2015 12:41 am
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FIC ROUND-UP 2015!!!

Fics I wrote this year, in order of date posted:

follow the shadow (Vixx, Leo/Hongbin - 1,925)
Until the Sun Comes Up (Jun/Sho - 9,108)
for nino_exchange: Chocolate Disco (Kazetrio - 12,945)
for nino_exchange: Go-Getter (Nino/Sho - 5,173)
for je_fqfest: At Your Service (Nino/Jun - 6,965)
for je_fqfest: Play Cops & Robbers (Aiba/Ohno - 5,261)
Make Me (Aiba/Nino - 2,264)
for kitto_slutparty: Taboo (Sho/everyone - 8,780)

Plus this Modelpair fic that I wrote years ago but finally posted -- which, oddly enough, is also a thing that happened last year.

→ Eight new fics with a total word count of 52,421. Same amount of fics as last year, but the word count is about 20k higher!

→ Last year I wrote almost all AUs, but this year it was an even split between AU and non-AU. And two of the AUs were pretty standard (office workers, porn shop) and the other two were super wacky (magic and fantasy creatures!).

→ Wrote a Nino Ex pinch hit again (YESSS), and once again it was more than twice as long as my actual fic. Why I do this??

→ A decent assortment of pairings! When I finished Kitto Ex, I had an idea in my had of writing all ten pairings by the end of the year, but then I got suuuuper swamped with work and couldn't make it happen. Still pretty good though!

→ I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT HALF OF THESE FICS DO NOT INCLUDE JUN. WHY AM I PROUD OF THIS. But also half of them do include Aiba, which I'm happy about because last year I feel like I didn't write him nearly enough. Go team!

→ Once again, most of these were for exchanges or memes. Funnily enough, the two that weren't are both about top drop. The Leo/Hongbin fic was kind of spur of the moment, and the Jun/Sho one was something that had been sitting on my hard drive for many years -- it was one of the very first fics I tried to write in this fandom -- before I finally figured out what it was missing to make it work.

→ Favorite fics: Until the Sun Comes Up, which I worked on forever and which is about something really important to me, and At Your Service, purely for sexy reasons. :D

→ My 2015 writing goals were to write at least as many words as I had the previous year (done), write Sakuraiba (done as part of a Sho/everyone fic but not on its own), write more Juntoshi (SOMEHOW, SADLY, NO?!?!?) or at least more non-Matsumiya pairings (yes), and to write at least one new fandom (done). 3.5 out of 5 isn't bad I guess!

→ 2016 WRITING GOALS: Actually write Sakuraiba! Actually write Juntoshi! Write all ten pairings. Write at least three fics that are just things I want to write, not for an exchange or meme.

→ IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED: Ask a question about a character, pairing, world, or fic I wrote in 2015 and I'll answer it, OR pick a selection from one of my 2015 fics and I'll do some DVD-style commentary on it.


Dec. 22nd, 2014 02:00 pm
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Year-end fic review! This year was... disappointing??? Idk, I don't have regrets per se, it would just be nice to have written more, but alas.

Honeymoon Phase (Jun/Nino - 2127)
hey, I just met you, and this is crazy (AU - Ayaka/Keiko - 1694)
for ninoexchange: Sweet Like Hunny (AU - Ohmiya friendship, background Shoneen - 5478)
for ninoexchange: Hung up on (AU - Nino/Jun/Ohno - 11594)
The Best Policy (AU - Jun/Nino preslash - 2224)
for kitto_slutparty: ☆ Hey, Super Soul! ☆ (AU - OT5 - 6605 words)
A Hurting Thing (AU - gen - 5577)
tomorrow is still waiting for us (AU - gen - 416)

I also posted this Modelpair ficlet but I actually wrote it like two years ago.

→ So that's eight fics for a total word count of 35,715; both of those numbers are roughly half of last year's.

→ I also did only half the exchanges! Pinched for NinoEx again which was EXCELLENT. I don't know if I'm gonna do Slutparty next year, only because (if all goes well) it'll be my first semester of Big Girl School, but if NinoEx is running again I will definitely be there for that. Fun, fun, fun. ♥

→ It didn't occur to me even once throughout the year, but I see now that... almost all of these are AU??

→ And the only non-Arashi people I wrote were Keiko and Ayaka???? Another way of putting it: I contributed two more Ayaka fics to the world this year. :'D

→ Finally finally added Yama to the list of pairings I've written. I'm counting Hey, Super Soul! because they're the main pairing even though it's technically OT5. Now all I'm missing is Sakuraiba!!

→ A Hurting Thing and its addendum are the only things I wrote this year that weren't for a meme or an exchange, although the idea for it came from the list of AUs I was thinking up for Otherworlds. I worked really hard on it and really enjoyed writing it, and it got ... pretty much the reaction I was expecting, i.e. not very much of one. I can't blame people for not being interested in it though; it has a lady no one really knows, it's gen, it's darkfic in a bright sparkly rainbow-colored fandom, etc etc. Yet I'm still thinking of doing some DVD-style commentary for it, even though I'm 99.99% sure no one would read that, but at least then there will be a record of my thought process so that years later when I look back at it and think, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS," I'll have somewhere to look for answers.

→ Favorite fic: Hung up on, the 11.5k pinch hit!! I don't think there's any fic of mine that I love without caveats, and this fic has lots of caveats, but the things I love are things that I really, really love.


→ Writing goals for 2015: Write at least as many words as I did this year. Write Sakuraiba. Write more Juntoshi and/or pairings that aren't Matsumiya (NOT THAT I HAVE ANY REGRETS ABOUT WRITING MATSUMIYA, EVER). Write at least one new fandom (Voyager? Vixx?).

Wild meme appeared! Ask a question about a character, pairing, world, or fic I wrote in 2014 and I'll answer it, OR pick a selection from one of my 2014 fics and I'll do some DVD-style commentary on it.


Jan. 5th, 2014 09:23 pm
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Happy New Year and stuff!

Maybe some day I will update on real-life things, idk, mostly it's Arashi and hockey and crying. Nothing too fancy. In the meantime, YEAR-END FIC REVIEW FOR THE WIN.

In 2013 I wrote fourteen stories, plus some little drablets! Holy fic exchange, Batman!! Pretty much all Arashi, almost all explicit, no surprises there, but with a delightful array of new and familiar pairings. Here they are, in order of date written:

i've come down with something (Ohmiya - 1,056)
Two Inches or a Yard (Jun/Sho - 3,489)
Himitsu (Jun/Sho - 805)
at the nape of your neck (AU - Nino/Jun - 2,872)
Tramps Like Us (Hana Yori Dango + Kimi wa Petto - Domyouji/Momo - 6,226)
Trying Something New (Nino/Jun - 1,137)
Melts in Your Mouth (Jun/Ohno - 2,630)
for ninoexchange: Storybook Romance (AU - Shoneen - 10,390)
for ninoexchange: Maneki (AU - gen with Inoue Mao - 3,669)
Come Here Anytime (Aiba/Jun - 10,561)
for je_fqfest: Your Love, Your Love, Your Love Is My Drug (Jun, Sho, and Kitagawa Keiko in every combination - 9,375)
for je_otherworlds: Something Strange in Your Neighborhood (Keiko/Sho-flavored gen - 8,242)
for kitto_slutparty: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (Aiba/Arashi - 3,437)
for je_fqfest: a fic I will come back and add in after reveals if I remember
plus some one-sentence drablets (various fandoms and pairings, total 258)

Not counting the (Get) Off Season ficlet for FQ-Fest, that's a total of 64,147 words!!!!!!! I realize that's barely more than what some people write for NaNoWriMo, but for me that's A FUCKING LOT.

Things of note:

→ Look at all that Sakumoto! I'm particularly happy with this because they're one of my 3TPs and yet the only other fic I've written for them is pretty ridiculous and not even all that porny.

→ Only two Matsumiya fics???? I feel like I spent literally (LITERALLY) the entire year (LITERALLY THE ENTIRE YEAR) thinking about those two having sex with each other so I'm not really sure how all of that thinking produced one real fic and one sort of half-fic??

→ AND ONLY ONE JUNTOSHI??????????? But gosh, what a Juntoshi it is.

→ First time writing Shoneen and Modelpair!! And they're both such great fics. Storybook Romance was sooo much fun to write, and Come Here Anytime is probably my favorite from this year. Dear friends: if you are going to read one fic by me, please read that one, yes good. Other firsts from this year: First Mao-chan! First Keiko in a starring role -- two, in fact! First dude/lady/dude threesome! First Jun/Jun drama crossover pairing! First time pinch-hitting fic (since I did some pinch-hit art back in Sailor Moon fandom)! And look at all that kink!!

→ Four exchanges, what!!!!! Here is more on that: I signed up for four exchanges one right after the other because I am ridiculous, and I think it would have gone really well, actually, except then we moved and everything was terrible and suddenly I was depressed and apathetic and cried a lot, and finishing those last two fics was reeeaaally really difficult. So, to astrangerenters: I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry, I am SO very truly sorry that this year of all years was the year you got me three times, I had such grandiose plans for your Otherworlds fic but it was just impossible, please forgive me and I hope all the other exchange fics you got were really amazing.


→ Pick a selection from one of my 2013 fics and I'll do some DVD-style commentary on it!


→ Pick a character I wrote in one of my 2013 fics and I'll tell you three to five things I keep in mind when writing that character!


→ If you can think of something else to do or ask me to do with a fic I wrote last year, sock it to me!!
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So [personal profile] phrenk is doing this thing where she posts abandoned WIP! In her words, "In order to let them go for good but still post what I got done, I am putting them up here. They're not finished or edited or anything, but they are what they are, and I hope you can find some enjoyment in them. :D" What she said!!

I have five total and will be posting one a day. To start off, here is everything I have of an ambitious project that was supposed to include ALL PAIRINGS but only ever saw action from half of them. Failed GSF, take it away!!

Ohmiya, Yamapair, Sakumoto, Modelpair, mentions of Tennenpair. LOTS OF PORN. )
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Mini-exchange is a way for us to continue our White Day shenanigans from earlier this year, because ladies are awesome. Go ladies!!

For round two~
[personal profile] l_elfie is writing for [personal profile] phrenk!
[personal profile] phrenk is writing for [personal profile] kinoface!
[personal profile] kinoface is writing for [personal profile] l_elfie!

Sign-ups are due in the comments of this post!
Fics should be 500 words minimum and are due at any point in time on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14!

Aww yeeah!!
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