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29 weeks! That means 11 weeks to go! Yikes!!!!!

I gotta say: gestational diabetes is a pain in the ass. WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT? Here it is, kinoface's whimsical adventure with gestational diabetes, so far:

→ About four weeks ago, I'm diagnosed and meet with a specialist who tells me some stuff and then schedules a two-week follow-up appointment for me with a different specialist.

→ I have to go on a strict diet and check my blood sugar four times a day, starting first thing in the morning to see what my fasting levels are like. I'm able to get a pretty good handle on all of my numbers except those fasting numbers. No matter what I try, they're higher than they should be.

→ Two weeks later, the second specialist seems to have no clue how to answer the questions I have or help me with the fasting problem. If I tell her what the first specialist told me, she says that's not true. If I tell her what I've tried based on what I know has worked for other people like my sister, she says "well it's not really supposed to work that way" (even though I have read several things that explain exactly why it sometimes works that way). At the end of the appointment she clearly doesn't know what to do so she says "uhh well I can show you what portion sizes look like" even though we both know that I already know what portion sizes look like considering all of my daytime numbers are great, and she then proceeds to spend ten minutes showing me plastic food. The last thing she tells me is "since most of your numbers look good, the doctor will probably tell you that you don't even have to log your food anymore. I bet he won't put you on medication just for your morning numbers, and if he does, it'll be a pill, not a shot."

→ At my doctor's appointment two days later: I have to keep logging my food. I have to take medication for my morning numbers. It's not a pill. It's a shot. Every night. Yay. Thanks, shitty second specialist.

→ Even with the shot, my numbers are still high. A week later, he ups the dosage.

→ Not only are my morning numbers STILL high, now my breakfast numbers, which I've had on lockdown for weeks, are consistently higher than they should be. WHY THIS????

Anyway, I'm still experimenting. This morning my number was perfect, and I wrote down everything -- what I had for a snack last night, how long between the snack and the checking, etc -- and I'm going to try and replicate it tonight. It's just ... so fucking frustrating. I feel like I'm trying to solve a goddamn Rubik's cube.

There are good things, though, such as: since starting the diet, I definitely feel better and am experiencing a lot less swelling. Also a good thing: somehow pizza doesn't spike my sugar, which is a beautiful amazing miracle. Then, a weird thing: I've lost almost all of the weight I gained since becoming pregnant, which means that now, at 7+ months, I weigh about two pounds more than I did before. (The doctor assures me Lentl is growing just fine and getting everything he needs and that this is pretty normal for people who go on this kind of diet while pregnant.) And ALSO the other day I experienced something I've never experienced before: I super DUPER had a hardcore low blood sugar crash and didn't realize it until afterwards, but boy was it intense, especially the part(s) where I started crying for no reason. Yikes!!! Anyway bodies are wacky.

OTHER THAN THAT, I'm tired a lot and my hips hurt like crazy and I've got some gnarly stretch marks on my stomach. Also my hair is thicker and my nails grow faster. Also I feel huge but people constantly tell me I look really small for seven months, so??? Also here is a list of things I cannot wait to eat again:

→ a salami sandwich
→ runny eggs
→ a cold beer
→ smoked salmon on a bagel

... Anyway.

Been watching a lot of Elementary. Like A LOT. It's really fun and I'm enjoying it a lot.

I have been to the dentist a lot recently and all of the appointments have been fine except for one which was the only one not with my usual dentist and, whether this is coincidental or not, it was terrible in every way and the teeth in question still hurt which is impressive particularly because they didn't actually hurt before the appointment and I have some regret-like feelings of dread that I'm going to move on from now okay yes good.

About to start my last week of work, which is bad because that means no more money but is good because I am feeling very tired and overwhelmed recently, so more me time sounds like a great idea.

I'm working on a fic thing and it's a big project and I am planning on finishing it by Jun's birthday but we'll see.

... This is a very complainy post but overall I'm doing pretty okay. It's just that the frustrating things are really, really frustrating. I'm going to end this post now but I love you all!!!
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heyy! I came over from NinoEx haha (a lot of people thanked you for your help and I wanna see what sort of amazing person you are) :D You seem like a great person from your blog posts! :)

Just want send my best wishes to you and hope the pregnancy goes smoothly, it sounds like a real pain right now, but really all the best!! (>o<)9

Here's hoping that your sugar levels go back to normal and that you feel better soon! *hugs*

(btw mini rant: omg i wish I had more time to write it's killing me ;_;)

Looking forward to your big fic project!

*sends hugs and rainbows and sparkles*