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Was tagged by [personal profile] yukitsubute to list 10 pairings/prompts I've been dying to read!

1. A "Jun is a do-S" story but one that actually explores what it means to be an S, possibly with top drop involved, aka I've already written this story but mine is literally the only one I've ever read on this topic in any fandom.

2. [Pairing I like] tries out a new kink together and it doesn't go perfectly but they see that the potential is there so they keep trying and adding things and getting better and it's just a lot of physically and emotionally satisfying sex.

3. Submissive Jun, but one where it still feels like Jun and not just Generic Sub with Jun's name. I have definitely read this before but not a lot.

4. The 50k Juntoshi epic where the first third is intense slow burn and the rest is a mix of domestic bliss and raunchy sex.

6. The one where Jun gets high with Leader.

7. Arashi serial killer road trip, aka I've already written this one too. There is another one out there by someone else but I'm a greedy trash person.

8. Old gods in modern-day Tokyo. I've been asking for this in every exchange I've participated in for years now, and I don't even know what I want from it or why the idea is so appealing to me -- I just like it a lot.

9. Literally any kinky Jun/Ohno, Jun/Nino, or Jun/Ohno/Nino fic where they're in character.

10. Every fic in my WIP folder but completed by someone else.

Look, if you were expecting anything other than "lots of kinky sex with a splash of violence and/or fantasy," we clearly haven't known each other long enough.
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Yeahhhh you made that list. ❤❤❤

I real'y love your serial killer prompt. :) and the gods in modern tokyo, these prompts caught me, maybe I'll take one of these to write. 💚💜💙❤💛

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Let's see, I need some time to think about something, but I want to try writing something :D :D :D <3
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Good list, kinoface!! <3
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I don't know that I could do anything this specific... I have things that I think about a lot, but they change after a while, and there's nothing I can point to and say THIS THIS IS THE ONE I WANT, that I can think of! At the same time, I want all of them, all of the things I have spent time thinking about, sometimes months of imagining out a head-fic, I want them all to exist so I can read them and then keep them forever~ There are also some het pairings I would love to have fic for, and drama fic (usually the canon or almost-canon het pairings in them) as well~ For example, I just finished Last Hope and would ADORE a Tachibana/Hatano (Tabe-chan/Aiba) fic, like, a really really good one would probably make me cry with happiness. :D I'm less good with specific plot things, but rest assured there are a million (conservative estimate) fics I wish existed in Arashi fandom, fjasdlkas;k. ♥
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Interesting list!! Might try one of these! Any pairings you have in mind for 1 or 2?
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Any specific kinks you want to read in 2 or something you don't want? Oh, and I forgot to ask about 3? Preferred pairings?
(I need to cover all bases so that I can decide what to go for :D)
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Oh! oh! 3 & 4 are definitely something "I" also want >_< Pleaseeee someone write this because I know I am incapable of making Juntoshi sexy and smutty (you see what I subtly did there? I assume 3 can be combined to 4. Wouldn't that be GREATTTT *wink*)

8 is totally my thing. But I am also very slow. Let's see if I can crank up my writing speed so I can do 8 for you. Just in case I get to do this, any pairing you have in mind or any specific genre you would like it to be?
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[personal profile] piggywhale 2017-04-27 07:14 am (UTC)(link)
ouhhh... your idea for 8 sounds super fluffy and lovely. Just thinking about it makes my heart squeals <3<3 It can even be a combine non-AU where Arashi are gods and idols (!?!) Okay, I might have gone a bit too far with this, but hey! everything is possible in this fandom. lol
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Awesome list! May I steal #4? I probably will finish writing such epic if only I have 786327467823 years. :D :D :D
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[personal profile] berrybuttboy 2017-04-30 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Still working on that EPIC~ So SOMEDAY I will delight the fandom... Just that you know me and my productivity?

But please, the fandom needs more EPIC Juntoshi stories!!