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→ Fifteen weeks and officially into my second trimester!! Lentl is healthy and moves around a lot although I can't feel it yet. And it happened for the first time: the other day someone looked at me and asked, "Are you expecting?"

→ I should find out the sex next month, which is exciting to me even though it's not going to change how I treat or raise this kid. I just want to know everything there is to know because when it comes to finding things out, I am an extremely impatient person!!!

→ My energy is slowly starting to come back. I still get winded very easily, but I don't wake up tired anymore, which is a nice change. I'm also feeling a lot less nauseous. I haven't thrown up even once this whole time, thank sparkle, but I was queasy pretty much constantly, and now I only feel like that if I go way too long without eating. I'm also not getting lightheaded as much, but instead I get really nasty headaches all the time (though switching pillows has helped a lot) and really bad heartburn, and also my goddamn hips hurt. All normal pregnancy stuff.

→ Cravings and aversions have both settled down, and so has my pickiness, though there are some things I still just don't find appealing even if they didn't bother me before. I also still feel like my senses of smell and taste are stronger than they were pre-pregnancy, so it's kind of like ... I don't have those cravings or aversions that seem to come out of nowhere -- at least not as much as I did -- but my palette has definitely changed. My current favorite thing to eat is a toasted bagel topped with butter, mustard, and grilled sandwich meat. The bread and butter and meat all have these nice mellow flavors and then the mustard adds this bit of tanginess to it, and I never would have paid attention to that kind of thing before but now I just can't enjoy it unless the amount of mustard is exactly right. It feels very weird, but it has its pros and cons; on one hand, I don't enjoy a lot of the food I used to, so that's a bummer, but on the other hand, I feel like I now get more enjoyment out of the food I do enjoy. So, hey, not complaining.

→ INB's mom is making me crazy. Every symptom I mention, every slight change in the way my body looks, is apparently an indicator of some characteristic the baby is going to have. For instance, the other day I told her about my heartburn and she insisted that means the baby is going to be super hairy. This kind of shit bugs me endlessly but I try to let it go because I know some people think it's fun or whatever, but what really pisses me off is that I say stuff like "oh well the doctor said it's normal, the progesterone makes a lot of things relax including your esophagus so it's easier for stomach acid to work its way up" and then she ROLLS HER EYES and looks at me like I'm a goddamn idiot for believing that nonsense. Really?? Really????? I'm tempted to keep a journal of all the predictions she makes so I can laugh about it later as I tear up the pages and throw them in a fire, because I'm a petty bitch.

→ Anyway.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that behavior from INB's mom would drive me BONKERS. Even just thinking about it makes me upset, and not just the upset I feel for you (which I do, of COURSE), but also just ... fjkdlsajslk;f oh gosh.

GOOD UPDATE, KINOFACE. As always, I enjoy hearing about your things. <3<3<3<3