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Been going through A Time. My second-to-last trip to campus this semester was early last week and since then I feel like I've been floating in an abyss. Barely managed to finish my last paper on time, and now I have to study for an exam tomorrow (my last trip to campus, also my last final, which means after this I'll be done) but I just ... don't care ........... It's like I've been having a competition with myself to see how much time I can spend sleeping or just lying in bed doing nothing. I was awake for one, maybe two hours of daylight today.


Right now my immediate to-do list includes showering, feeding myself, and studying, but instead I am going to do the end-of-year fic round-up because at this point I'm pretty sure I won't be writing anything else before 2017. LET'S BEGIN.

Stroke the Right Nerve (Juntoshi - 2,244)
Morning Light (Juntoshi - 1,772)
Airborne (Juntoshi - 6,870)
for nino_exchange: Shadows in Slow Motion (Matsumiya - 29,503)
Show and Tell (Sakumoto - 1,399)
for arashi_exchange: Talk Dirty to Me (Modelpair - 2,368)
for kitto_slutparty: Start with a Kiss (Sho/everyone - 7,491)

Not counting Whale's Tooth (Final Fantasy XII - 2,408) which I wrote years ago and then revamped and posted to AO3 in April.

→ So that's seven fics with a combined total of 51,597 words. That's just a little under last year's total (eight fics with 52k), which is actually a lot more than I was expecting. I've been feeling like I wrote barely anything, but it helps that the longest fic I wrote this year was the longest fic I've ever written and is more than twice as long as the fic that previously held that title.

→ Almost all canon with only two AU fics, whereas last year was about half and half.

→ No pinch hits this year (none needed, good job fellow NinoEx participants, we are all winners!!) which is probably for the best because I barely finished my last two exchange fics on time and I'm not really that happy with the finished product. (I almost didn't even post them to AO3 but finally figured "oh what the hell.") I signed up kind of on a whim, thinking it would be a good way to stay connected to fandom while I was in school, but this semester ended up being way more intense than I thought it would and I had some Regrets™. I'm still hoping to do NinoEx next year, because my course load won't be as intense (I'll be taking one lit class vs. three) and also because NinoEx fics won't be due until a few weeks after finals, so at the very least I'll have that time to write... but we'll see.

→ All of these fics involve Jun as the main or endgame pairing, which is not at all surprising. Last year half of my fics didn't even feature Jun and I was weirdly proud of that (like... proof that I can write more than just the things I want to write all for myself??) but I'm pleased with this year's Junfest.

→ Favorite fic: Shadows in Slow Motion, hands down. Longest fic ever and I had a lot of fun writing it, and it was extremely well-received for which I am so, so grateful. It's not perfect by any means, and if I'd had more time (by which I really mean "if I'd started earlier") it would probably be a few thousand words longer, but I'm happy with what I accomplished. (This is also part of the reason I almost didn't post those final exchange fics; I kept thinking "NO, I WANT THIS MATSUMIYA EPIC TO BE AT THE TOP OF MY AO3 PAGE FOREVER.") Runners-up: Stroke the Right Nerve and Morning Light, because JUNTOSHI.

→ Last year's goals: "Actually write Sakuraiba! Actually write Juntoshi! Write all ten pairings. Write at least three fics that are just things I want to write, not for an exchange or meme." I did not actually write Sakuraiba (because by "actually" I mean "by itself, not as a Sho/everyone or Aiba/everyone fic," which is the only way I've ever written it), but I did write a ton of Juntoshi. Congratulations, self, for adding three new Juntoshi fics to the world! I got nowhere near writing all ten pairings, but I did write three/four fics that were just for me. Airborne was technically for a meme but it was also an excuse to write nearly 7,000 words of Juntoshi kink/aftercare with Jun as a needy sub, soooo it was basically for me.

→ Writing goals for 2017: Just write something. Think realistically about exchanges and don't sign up for them if completing them on time will be nearly impossible (for external reasons unrelated to my own tendency to procrastinate). At least continue to work on the three potential masterpieces sitting in my WIP folder (dragon Jun, some hardcore Matsumiya kink, and the Fallout AU, all of which I have thousands and thousands of words of notes for) even if I don't finish any of them. Don't let them rot, self. Don't do to them what you did to Dreamhookers.

If anyone is interested, feel free to 1) ask questions about, 2) request some DVD-style commentary of, or 3) request a drabble-sized remix or timestamp from any of this year's fics (or those three big fics in my WIP folder!).
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Good job making it through despite your applesauce brain! I know how that feels. <3 I hope your break is long enough that you can feel like tackling another semester with something approaching vigor. <3<3

(Good job on your fic stuff this year, too!! How about a timestamp of Jun and Sho going back to the ryokan together?)