Jun. 26th, 2017


Jun. 26th, 2017 09:03 pm
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→ 26 weeks, aka six and a half months, aka SO CLOSE YET SO FAR??

→ I think the last time I posted we were worrying about possible abnormalities, but since then we've gone to a fancy diagnostic place where the doctor did his fancy ultrasound stuff and told us there's no evidence of anything abnormal. VERY, VERY GOOD NEWS. GOOD JOB DEVELOPING NORMALLY, LENTL!!

→ My own body, however, is doing less good. It turns out that I do have gestational diabetes. Pretty much all the women on my mom's side of the family have had it, so it was basically inevitable that I would get it, which sucks, but whatever. Now I have to poke myself four times a day to measure my blood sugar, and I have to write down and time everything I eat, and certain things I can only have at certain times of the day... It's a hassle. WORTH IT, of course, because it is for my and Lentl's health, but still kind of a pain. Right now I'm struggling with figuring out what to eat before bed to ensure that my waking-up numbers aren't too high, which they have been for the last week and a half. If I can't find a way to get them down, I might have to start taking medicine, and I really really don't want to do that, so... fingers crossed! My current theory is that I just need a ton of protein, so tonight I'm gonna try a peanut butter sandwich and a hard-boiled egg. FINGERS CROSSED.

→ Have been tutoring, and it's been going well. I missed it.

→ However: today I had my last appointment with a private tutoring student, but I will still be tutoring in the writing lab, and all of this is a bit of a relief because I was starting to get slightly overwhelmed with having to go out into the world every single day. Now I will only have to go out into the world on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then whenever my various one million appointments are. I definitely need to have SOME kind of going-out obligation, because otherwise I will lie in bed forever and waste away, but I am getting to a point energy-wise where every day is a little too much. Also, moving around is becoming more and more difficult as I get bigger and bigger. My tummy now sticks out past my boobs, which I assure you is a milestone, and I've definitely started waddling.

→ We think we have a name!!! I don't want to share it yet because it's not for sure, but we both find ourselves using it instead of Lentl sometimes, and I think it feels right to both of us. :D

→ FANDOM THINGS: NinoEx!!! Performance (that I haven't watched yet but have downloaded and am looking forward to)!!!! Nino's haircut is glorious!!! Ohno is glorious!!!! They are all glorious!!!! GLORIOUS!!!!

→ I think ... that is it. That is my life: being pregnant (which takes up so much more time than I previously thought) with brief interludes for work and fandom. Life!!
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