Feb. 25th, 2017


Feb. 25th, 2017 07:31 pm
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Pregnancy things!!

→ Today I am nine weeks!! That means my little lentil is approximately the size of a cherry and I have created, from scratch, a full set of organs including a heart that's currently beating 165 times per minute. Next week I'll be making a skeleton. A SKELETON!!!!!

→ We are currently calling the baby Lentl, as in "lentil" -- the size it was when we found out -- but more Jewish.

→ Due date is September 30. Waah!! I keep joking that it's a month too late to be the Second Coming of MJ, but in all seriousness, I'm really happy about the possibility that this baby could be born on September 25, the day my mom died AS WELL AS the birthday of H, whom I finally got to see, after years of missing him intensely, on what I would later find out was the exact day this little egg attached itself to me and settled in for the long haul. I keep telling him he was the good luck charm, that little Lentl saw him and said "Yup, this seems like a good place to be," and to have this kiddo come into the world sharing a birthday with him would be amazing. So anyway I'm crossing my fingers!!

→ Food aversions so far: pho from a place I used to love, olives (too salty), ginger (just the taste/smell/thought of it makes me gag), pizza (gave me the worst heartburn I've had in my life, not touching it again), salad (but not vegetables, just ... salad), my prenatal pills unfortunately, anything I eat too much of which means I have to be real careful with foods I actually like

→ Food cravings so far: McDonald's burgers, potato salad, ketchup, sour cream, strawberry pancakes, cucumber sandwiches, Israeli-style bourekas

→ This morning:
sister in law: When you get further along and you start craving weird things --
INB: Oh, she's already there.
me: (pouring a mountain of shredded cheese over a hot dog) What do you mean?

→ Sometimes I'm queasy and nothing helps; sometimes I feel fine; sometimes I'm starving and two bites of something will make me feel like I've eaten an entire viking feast; sometimes the only thing that will make me not be hungry anymore is a literal viking feast. Every day is a different puzzle!!

→ Some days I'm so fatigued I can barely get out of bed, but mostly I'm okay, just tired as hell.

→ People say "The great thing about being pregnant is that you don't have to deal with your period for nine months!" and they never mention that you get what feel like pre-period cramps every fucking day as your uterus grows.

→ I haven't really started showing yet and also I haven't gained ANY weight yet (I'm the exact same weight I was the day I did the test which is wacky considering I usually fluctuate from day to day) but somehow I can barely fit into my jeans. I went out yesterday to buy a new pair of leggings because they're the only thing that's comfortable anymore. ???

I think that's it!! Exciting stuff!! I'm eating homemade enchiladas and they're delicious but what I really want is strawberry pancakes drenched in butter!!!!!!
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